The Albino Leopard Gecko Revealed

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The albino leopard gecko has just found its way to the hearts of pet lovers. Naturally they are ground-dwelling lizards and are nocturnal. Breeding these amazing creatures started in 1991. Today there are various breeds with various markings and patterns on their skin. The favourite of breeders come in the form of the albino leopard gecko.

The lifespan of the albino leopard gecko is about 20 years, and measures about six to nine inches in length. Being a creature of uniqueness, it has eyelids and lacks the clinging toe pads that allow it to walk vertically. Another difference from the other leopard geckos is the absence of melanin in their skin.

The diet of the albino leopard gecko mainly consists of insects such as mealworms, crickets and wax worms. The young albino voraciously eats everyday, while the adult albino prefers its meals every other day.

Having a disposition of gentleness, the albino leopard gecko will make an easy pet to take care of. Though it is natural for a gecko to hiss when startled or threatened they are generally peaceful little creatures.

The world of the albino leopard gecko is a world full of variety. There are three different strains of the albino leopard gecko. These strains are recessive traits. Interbreeding them will produce normal but not albino geckos. Though it is difficult to tell the difference among the strains it is interesting to know their unique features.

The Tremper strain.

This strain is the most common strain of the albino leopard gecko. These geckos are also known as the Mocha Strain because of its colour. Its eye colour varies. It can have the normal eye colour of other geckos or bright red. The eye colour is affected by the incubation temperature.

The Rainwater strain (Las Vegas Albino).

This is the second most popular strain of the albino leopard gecko. One can tell its difference by its pinker colour than the other strains, but this is not always the case. Its skin colour is affected by the incubation temperature.

The Bell strain.

This is a rare strain of the albino leopard gecko. It has the reddest eyes, and a darker pink skin colour than the other strains. It also retains its pink skin colour until they mature.

The albino leopard gecko is highly sensitive to light. It will shut its eyes firmly as a reaction to bright light. This explains why it is inactive during the day.
Interestingly, the albino leopard gecko can suffer from Anorexia. This condition is caused by stress, unsanitary condition, and diseases. Just like an anorexic human being, the gecko appears very thin. It is weak and sluggish. If untreated, it may cause its death.

Similar to other pets, an albino leopard gecko needs a home with a proper environment, good meals and care to enjoy a long and stress-free life. The fascinating Albino Leopard Gecko is a favourite among many leopard gecko enthusiasts.

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The Albino Leopard Gecko Revealed

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This article was published on 2010/11/22